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 In our 2nd year of marriage, we both quit our jobs in Japan and on Aug. 10, 2006, we set on a trip around the world, which is every travel bug's ultimate dream! Why now? Because life is short! A one-year trip can be physically streneous if we do this when we are older, and we wanted to do it before kids arrive and while our parents are still in good health. So, here we are!
 Sorry, the contents are mostly in Japanese because we don't have time to translate them in English as we continue traveling, but we hope you'll enjoy the pictures.

A Japanese couple traveling around the world

Flying One World's Round-the-World Business Class
Miho & Koichiro's World Journey
Gifu, Japan
updated May.1 2013


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Hong Kong, Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, U.K., Iceland, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Spain,Ireland.France,
Germany,Czech rep.
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South America digest

Born in Gifu Pref., Japan
in 1974

Born in Gifu Pref., Japan
in 1973

Koichiro Noguchi

I grew up in Gifu City, in the heart of Honshu Island of Japan until I went to college in Gunma and Kyoto Prefs. At age 24, I came back to Gifu to take on my first job as a journalist in Gifu Newspaper Company in '99. I did, practically, almost everything about journalism; wrote articles on local news, sport events, police/court-related affairs, also worked as a photographer, advertisement rep. during my 7 years of career. I even worked in the company's broadcasting division as a TV/radio show host! After marrying Miho, I continued my work and saved money for buying a house, but due to many changes in my life, we decided to take a break and see the world that we'd only seen on TV or read in books. We're glad we made a right decision whatever will come next in our life! I really liked my job back home, and now my biggest interest is to contribute my talent to the local community of Gifu to make my hometown a better place. In what form? I don't know yet, but I trust my life that it will guide me through the way.

Miho Noguchi

I'm from the country side of Gifu Pref., where my family has lived for generations. I have been around my parents' pretty much until I got married to Koichiro, except a high school year in U.S.A., 1 year in Tokyo, and a half a year in France. I was not fortunate in my first secretary job, so I decided to hone my foreign language skill, especially English to help me through the rest of my career as an interpreter and a national licensed tour guide. I'm also a voice-over performer. I just love to learn languages and I speak English, French and am working on Spanish and a little bit of Arabic!. The idea of taking a year-long vacation was scary to me at first , but I've been truly blessed to have a partner who inspires me continually as he shows me the world. Also because I am very concerned about environmental issues as well as how animals should be treated, this trip is a good opportunity to see what's going on on our planet and tell people and our children about them.

We are in Hawaii.
Aug. 15, 2007 Digest on Europe drive


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Ex-jounalist Koichiro discovers what's featured in the newspapers around the world.
Newspaper in the World
We chose business class RTW ticket, which is reasonably priced. Pics of luxurious seats and food are here!
Curious where we sleep and what we eat? We give our ratings, locations and contact for you.
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More pictures are available on Cocotabi Blog and Eatin' Sleepin' Blog. 
For what Koichiro's found in newspapers around the world, go to World Newspaper Blog.

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